Monday, Sept. 18

Welcome back to me! I spent the last six months or so traveling around, exploring, having all kinds of neat adventures, and just generally figuring myself out. Happy that I took so much time off, happy that I’m finally the real me, happy to be back.

But while leaving for half a year might be a wonderful pause on life, my email certainly didn’t hear the news! I’d been casually monitoring it, but spent practically all of today going through a massive, massive backlog of emails. Good news: successfully cleaned up the inbox, no outstanding to-do items, and back to Inbox Zero.

Tuesday, Sept. 19

Upsides of transition: finally feeling like the complete and real me, infinitely happier than I’ve ever been before, feeling the joy of exploring all these new and exciting ways of self-presentation

Downsides of transition: general societal disapproval, the realization that it involves changing your name in a million and one different places.

Today was spent going through all the different places where my old name is listed and updating them to Aspen!


  • Roberts Lab website
  • Personal website
  • Roberts Lab handbook
  • UW email
  • Handshake
  • Slack

In progress:

  • UW website (Michael’s working on this)
  • GitHub (name’s updated, but need to fix all the broken links this caused)
  • Microsoft (updated username online, might not transfer over to computer)

Need to do:

  • Paperpile (potentially not possible?)
  • WSL system account
  • Script headers for individual files

Monday, Sept. 25

Took off today and Friday! Friday I changed my legal name (had a court date and everything), and today I spent literally all day waiting around at the Social Security office. Good part: while I still need to change my name in a million places, the only important one that’ll take all day is my drivers license. So in a few weeks when my new card arrives, guess I’ll take off a day for that!