Thursday, January 5

Happy New Year!

Alright, last post I was ironing out some issues related to temperature vs. bitterness. Goals for this month (I’ll keep this short, as I’m writing this during lab meeting!)

Modeling Visual Positives:

  • For each final weighted model, create graph of each variable’s relationship to bitterness

  • Continue writing up results and discussion

  • Outline introduction

Examining Short-Term Temperature Response:

  • Get in touch with the journal - I’ve fixed all issues, but they haven’t gotten back to me, so need to communicate with them!

  • Set up structure where I methodically lay out reviewer comments and my existing paper in the Google doc, start fixing up. Note: I’ve heard back from Reviewer 1 but not Reviewer 2.

  • Start fixing up graphs to be paper-quality


  • Choose a day for thesis defense

That finishes it up, let’s see how it goes!

Tuesday, January 10th

Most of today was spent doing TA things (first lab of the quarter is tomorrow!), but I’ll also work some on