Monday, Oct. 2

Mondays are my busy day, and I definitely was busy today! Mostly on TA work (went to lecture, had our class meeting, led my first lab), but also on some other items! I did the following

  • Updated my Husky card (yay!)
  • Updated my name on all script files in the hemat_bairdi_transcriptome repo
  • Did some logistics involving my name change and the SAFS office. Apparently I’ll need to bring in my social security card when I get that
  • Got my phone fully set up for work (Slack, Duo, Gmail, etc.)

That’s about it - Mondays definitely aren’t my most productive lab days. But it was a really productive day for everything else!

Wednesday, Oct. 4th

Updated my name in all files within the hemat_modeling repo. Then took the rest of the day off for more name change things - spent the day at the DMV getting my drivers’ license updated!

Thursday, Oct. 5th

Lab meeting and TAing a lab section took up most of the day, and before I knew it, it was seminar and TGIT time. Was definitely nice to head to TGIT and catch up with people for the first time in a while! Also started work on a presentation for the DEI discussion next lab meeting

Friday, Oct. 6th

Spent the day continuing work on the DEI presentation! Really excited to talk about trans stuff with the lab