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Bairdi Immune Genes Lit Search

NOTE: As of 2021-12-13, a number of the DOI links are still functional but are noted by my Markdown link checker as broken. To avoid this annoyance, I just changed them so they aren’t embedded links anymore. A bit less aesthetic, my apologies to future readers! [Read More]

Correlating Crab Variables, Fixed

Alright, last time I created a correlation matrix from this table. However, during Pubathon, it was pointed out that I should probably check to make sure I’m doing things correctly. As it turns out, I wasn’t (thanks, Matt!) Basically, I had to separate my normally-distributed and non-normally-distributed variables (as determined by a Shapiro-Wilk test), along with my continuous and categorical variables. However, since all my categorical variables were (unsurprisingly) non-normal, I just was left with two groups - normal and non-normal. [Read More]